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LM-80 LED寿命测试建议标准要求LED光源必须要有最少35,000小时的寿命,较新的大功率LED在高结温下最少可以达到60,000小时(L70, B10)。以每天平均12个小时(一年大约4400小时)的使用时间来看,使用最新LED技术的路灯可以轻易达到10年寿命而不需要更换光源。由产品封装的角度来看,现代LED封装拥有6~9℃/W(K/W)的低热阻。这有助于尽可能把热量从结点传递到散热片。另外,不同结温下的光度输出也非常稳定,25℃/到110℃/结温范围内的变化不到20%。


This article will introduce the advantages of using neutral white LED instead of cold white LED in street lighting applications, including the visibility of liquid on the street, the hue and skin and the expression of flowers. In addition, this paper will also discuss the solution temperature and optical design, such as the forced ventilation method, glare and brightness size etc.. Because the LED technology has the advantages of small size and diversity, it can easily realize new street lamp design.

Based on budgetary considerations, the use of LED lighting can save electricity through less maintenance cycles and power saving innovative dimming technology. In recent years, with the evolution of technology, LED luminous efficiency and service life of the photometric output, has been significantly improved, so for the majority of applications are used various other sources more attractive, especially the street is currently can be used to solve the use of LED technology.

LED based streetlights first appeared on the streets a few years ago, although they were mainly used to display design concepts or campus test lights. Yellow phosphor is one of the only available and stable fluorescent powders that can be used to produce white light output from a blue chip. Most of these lights are using cold white LED design, color temperature is even higher in 6000K. Unfortunately, most people don't like the cold and white light from these street lights, and some even complain that cold white light will bring cold feelings. In addition, some people feel that color is pale in the light of cold and white light.

LED and phosphor manufacturers heard the feedback for the first generation of prototype settings, and began to develop the new neutral white light and high brightness output LED for the street lighting applications, which is more natural and 4000K color temperature. For example, Annwa high tech (Avago) ASMT-JN32-NVV01 can provide 100lm or 700mA current with 350mA current, providing 160lm's lowest typical 4000K related color temperature (CCT) luminosity output.

LM-80 LED life test recommendation standard requires that LED light source must have a minimum life of 35000 hours, and the new high-power LED can reach at least 60000 hours at high junction temperature (L70, B10). Taking the average time of 12 hours per day (about 4400 hours a year), the street lamp with the latest LED technology can easily reach 10 years' life without changing the light source. From the point of view of product packaging, modern LED packaging has a low thermal resistance of 6~9 C /W (K/W). This helps to transfer heat from the node to the heat sink as much as possible. In addition, the photometric output at different junction temperatures is also very stable, and the variation within the range of 25 C / 110 C / junction temperature is less than 20%.